Structural Engineering Review of Retaining Wall

Hello Everyone,

We are updating this post from March 6, 2012, and July 2, 2014. The survey and soil boring samples have been completed, and we have attached the report to this post. The “report presents the results of a geotechnical investigation performed for the replacement of multiple retaining walls around the Timber Ridge (sic) Townhomes” (Reed Engineering Group, Project No. 19535, July 2014). Moreover, “the investigation has included drilling seven sample borings, field reconnaissance, performing laboratory testing, analyzing engineering and geologic data and developing geotechnical recommendations.” (Reed Engineering Group, Project No. 19535, July 2014)

As we posted before, we expect receipt of the engineering design proposal by the September meeting from GWC Engineering, LP.

As before, below is the 2012 independent Structural Engineering Report on the retaining wall from RCS Enterprises, LP. In case any owners are worried that we will have more of the same, they do not recommend replacing the railroad ties with new railroad ties.

Thanks to all of you who are ahead on your assessment payments. We definitely want to be ready to break ground as soon as possible after we receive the plans!

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Thank you – Timberidge HOA

2014 July Geotechnical Report


2014 (02) Feb 28 Special Assessment Letter