Retaining Wall Bid Accepted & Follow THOA

The Board officially accepted the bid from Oscar Orduno, Inc., yesterday. Construction will begin once a project schedule, work plan, and logistics plan is submitted for review by Orduno, Inc. We anticipate hearing from them by the end of the week, so we should be able to post the exact start date and work details very soon.

Again, we thank everyone who responded before we accepted the bid. We now have 23 survey responses, but we need to hear from everyone. If you have not responded, please respond as soon as you can, so the Board knows you have received the important announcement about the retaining wall.

We are up to 19 following THOA, but we want to have full participation, so please follow us to receive notifications of new posts via email as soon as they go live. Leisha Shelton of Acclaim Management will forward the notification to you, but the Board would like everyone to get the information immediately.

Thank you! – Timberidge HOA