Phase 1 Retaining Wall Completed

Hello Everyone,

As of Saturday, May 9, 2015, the structural phase of the retaining wall was completed. Orduno, Inc., will be on the property this week to continue tiding up the site and to conduct soil nail tests to make sure design specifications are being met. We appreciate the care and consideration taken by Orduno, Inc., to minimize the impact of construction (including complete dismantling of the railroad ties and disposal, maintaining existing fences, minimal loss of foliage, and construction in close quarters at the entrance), and we are confident with the engineering plans and overall construction.

Thank you to the 33 homeowners who responded to the Phase 1 Retaining Wall Google survey, and thank you very much to the 22 homeowners who agreed to pay both the 2014 and 2015 Special Assessments in full by May 31. Your payments and pledges are making this project possible. We will post a full update concerning the financials soon.

Enjoy a few pictures of the new retaining wall!

Sincerely – Timberidge HOA

2015 (05) May – Dog Run Wall 2015 (05) May – West Wall

2015 (05) May – Entrance Wall