2016 Revised Timberidge Rules

Good Evening Everyone,

We hope your summer has begun well. Among the long list of tasks, such as new/improved statements, the Board wanted to tackle with Secure Association Management, we knew we should review and revise the Rules for the community. Some subjects clarified include in summary, but not exhaustively: pets, satellite dishes, violations and fines, and collection policy. Let this post and any subsequent notices sent by Secure Association Management serve as official notice of any changes to the Timberidge 2012 Rules. Implementation will begin August 2016.

Please find the 2012 and 2016 Rules and other founding documents on the Governing Documents page. If you have any questions about the Rules, do not hesitate to contact John MacKenzie, our managing agent.

Finally, we hope everyone is finding the new statements useful, and we will be in touch with more developments very soon.

Sincerely – Timberidge HOA Board

2012 Rules

2016 Rules (Revised)