Patio Fence Replacements for Units 1127-1165

Good Evening Everyone,

Owners of units 1127-1165 should have received a letter with the monthly dues statement explaining that Anderson Construction will begin replacing damaged HOA rear patio fences on the 1100 side of Timberidge. Work is estimated to begin on Friday, August 26, 2016. The contractor currently plans to start with unit #1127. We estimate the entire project will take 4 weeks to complete. The new fences will be replaced with 6 foot, red cedar fence (pre-satined dark brown, side by side). The contracted work will be paid for using current HOA funds.

To facilitate the fence construction, we ask that you move anything that might interfere with the work on your back fence to at least 6 feet away from the fence. Though we have worked with the contractor to minimize the time your patio is “open”, and they will be using temporary net fencing where needed, please consider moving anything of value out of sight during the project. Also, please secure pets and keep children away from the construction/work area during the project.

We appreciate your cooperation with this important matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us through John Mackenzie of Secure Association Management. We look forward to working together as we strive to maintain our HOA common area landscape with a more uniform and attractive appearance.

Sincerely – Timberidge HOA Board

John Mackenzie, Managing Agent, 940-595-0584,