New Recycling Bin for Timberidge Townhomes

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Before July 4, the City of Denton contacted our management company, Secure Association Management, to inform us that Timberidge would be provided a large recycling bin at no extra charge because the city is making a push to cut waste by 20%. Several homeowners have requested recycling on the property, so we are ecstatic that we have access to convenient recycling now.

The large recycling bin has a sign that explains what items can be recycled. We ask that everyone rinse all containers and recycle the following items:

  • Flattened boxboard/cardboard: Boxes that come in direct contact with food substances should be placed in the garbage bin.
  • Magazines and catalogs (no laminated paper)
  • Newspaper, junk mail, office paper, paper bags
  • Rigid plastic containers and jugs #1-7 (no plastic bags of any kind; no Styrofoam®)
  • Cartons and juice boxes (no pouches)
  •  Steel and tin cans
  • Aluminum cans and foil: Collapsed aluminum cans, please.
  • Glass bottles

You may use the small garbage bin next to the mailboxes for your junk mail; however, please do not overfill the bin. Our management company is very graciously emptying it for us into the large recycling bin located at the back entrance of the property.

Also, we ask that everyone bag all garbage and place it directly in the garbage bin. Please do not set discarded furniture, large boxes, etc. in front of or next to the garbage. Overfilling the garbage and recycling bins could lead to the City of Denton choosing not to empty the bin until the overfilling is corrected. All discarded items that cannot be recycled should be placed directly into the garbage bin. Clean, empty plastic bags can be recycled at most area grocery stores.

For more “Recycling 101” information from the City of Denton—including electronics, drug disposal, and home chemical disposal/collection—and other news, please visit the recently updated city website and a few others with more Denton happenings and updates:

Things to remember directly quoted from the City of Denton to the Timberidge HOA:

Finally, we ask that homeowners share this information with their lessees as soon as possible. Thank you for periodically checking the website for updates. Please consider signing up for notifications to receive Timberidge posts via email by following the blog.

Sincerely – Timberidge HOA Board

(Updated 09/04/17)